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What people are SAYING

Namaste is the Divine in one person recognising the Divine in another.
Sun Salutation
Susie's teaching is rich from decades of practice (different styles) and more recent teacher trainings. On a daily basis she cultivates not just the physical aspect of yoga but embraces the yogic path off the mat too, passing on those messages during class.

She’s an inspiring person to be around and to share the practice with and though she’s gentle, she is definitely able to make you sweat and work hard. She’s naturally grounded and caring and able to point out exactly what you need to work on both mentally and physically.

RITA | Yoga teacher
Sun Salutation

I have been attending Susie’s classes for almost 3 years. During this time Susie has helped me to develop my yoga practice and also supporting me as I train to be a yoga teacher myself.


She creates a friendly and supportive atmosphere within the group. The practice challenges us enough so that we develop and improve each week – ensuring we encourage each other to achieve our best. She incorporates other aspects of yoga such as pranayama and meditation to create a holistic practice and to apply yoga principles to our everyday life.

ANNIE | Yoga Practitioner

Sun Salutation

As an older yoga student in my seventies, I have found Susie to be a supportive and encouraging teacher through whose tuition I have improved my practice.

JANET | Yoga Practitioner

NAMASTE The Ancient Sanskrit Blessing
Namaste translates as "I bow to the divine in you."

Namaste is the Divine in one person recognising the Divine in another. The life in me sees and honours the life in you. This is an especially deep expression of respect. Namaste recognises the duality that exists in this world and brings these two aspects back together, ultimately leading towards unity and non-dual state of Oneness. It recognises equality, honouring sacredness of all.

The action of Namaste unfolds itself on four levels: spiritual, physical, mental, and verbal. I honour the place in you where the Soul lives: the Soul in me meets the Soul in you. I greet that place where we are One in truth and in peace.
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