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Balance and Blood Pressure

As I continue teaching in the community it has emerged that many are unable to balance for any length of time. This is becoming more and more important in the classes I teach. I watch with great satisfaction as all my students gradually gain a degree of balance as each week we persevere in this area and their determination is something to behold! The pleasure and sense of achievement is wonderful to see in all age groups.

This issue cuts through all age groups, by the way, and of course along with new found balance comes strength and focus. Along side this some have high blood pressure (medicated) so initially many have a problem with inversions and are also fearful; in the beginning even lying down can be difficult, causing a sense of dizziness and nausea. Teaching what I call "the journey to Halasana, plough pose" which allows students to gradually feel their way into Halasana the "miracle pose" has meant that everyone can participate; it may be restorative legs up the wall, raised hips with cushions and so on. This "journey" has enabled them to have a safe inversion of their choice and this, with asana practice and pranayama, has encouraged a reduction in blood pressure in some practicioners.

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