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Getting Started: a note to beginners

So many of us want to try yoga and sense it will be good for us but secretly feel daunted by the idea of showing up to our first class. It can feel quite overwhelming in the beginning having no idea who will be your fellow class mates, and seeing lycra clad, flexible acrobats on Instagram doesn't really help.

At everyone is welcome. Whether we are stiff, large, sore, male, female, or another gender, old, young, skinny, chubby, light, flexible, inflexible, you are invited to practice here. There is no concern for the physical beauty, (although that might be a side effect of practice), the real concern is that we want people to feel inner contentment and freedom in their bodies from the inside out; yoga is a tool towards that sense of freedom and relaxation both physically and mentally.

Observing beginners in class, it generally doesn't take long from feeling self-conscious, nervous and awkward in the first couple of sessions to feeling safe, confident and excited by the possibilities ahead, and being comfortable in the studio, once you have been just a few more times.

Please do not to get too caught up in trying to get everything perfect straight away and in your first class, it takes time for the details of the postures to soak in and for your body to get used to the yoga poses. will make sure you practice safely, and as you return again and again the postures will get more familiar to you and you will likely find yourself feeling relaxed and comfortable as you start to experience the power and benefit of each pose…..see you on the mat ; )

Learning to balance !!

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