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Summer 2018: 12 weeks of FREE Yoga

The event, funded by The National Lottery Fund and supported by Cricklewood Library #whatsthestory, took place over the summer on every Thursday for 12 weeks. This was a beginner taster session with the idea of seeing if yoga would be a good fit for the new Cricklewood library. The library was generously hosted by Rob Harrison, vicar of St Catherine's Church, Neasden; the church is a wonderful space for yoga practice.

Anjaneyasana, low lunge

Many people from the surrounding neighbourhood, from total beginners to advanced practitioners, came to experience yoga at the chuch. We were privileged to have this space for the summer and this was due to the efforts of Annie Simpson and Wendy Tyrell from Cricklewood Library. These classes aimed to balance the mind and body with the exploration of physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and the calming of the mind through relaxation. Hosted by Cricklewood Library #whatsthestory, St Catherine's Church, Neasden and The National Lottery Fund

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